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Welcome to my photo blog

"It is part of the photographer's job to see more intensely than most people. He must have and retain something of the receptivity of the child who looks at the world for the first time or of the traveler who enters a strange country. " – Bill Brandt
Welcome to the photo blog of Joachim Beauvilain

About me and why am I writing on this photo blog?

I have been a photographer for over twenty years and I am lucky to find an inexhaustible source of wonder in this activity. A passionate and fascinating activity that I want to share with those who are just starting out or those who are now experts and who still wish to progress, or quite simply to exchange (I also like being able to improve every day). I'm also writing this all for my family, sons, daughter and beautiful daughters, but more specifically for you, Ethan, who left too early and enjoying my job, and for you, Laura, who loves taking pictures. You will therefore find here both photo projects and digital photomontages, as well as advice for taking successful photos in the best conditions. You will perhaps keep a child's soul or the amazed gaze of the eternal traveler every time you take a photo or transform it according to your wishes.

Find photo tips

You will find on my site various advice for successful photos and especially guaranteed advice without complicated explanations. We are not all passionate about the technique, although it often has to be understood, in fact all we want most often is to take a good photo. My advice is based on my experience and my own questions. How to take a good photo according to what you want and the situation in which you find yourself? What material to use? What development and photo retouching choices should be made?

Share my photo projects

I share with you photo projects made in France and elsewhere. Ideas for carrying out your photo projects: travel, hiking, social networks, studio portraits, animals, macro photography. Comments on the shots and their post-processing, some stories and tips on the fly. In short, a nice little visual journey for image lovers and a little more for shooting enthusiasts.

Experience my photomontages

I had a passion for photocollage as a teenager, long before I learned photography. After many years of photography, I felt a deep desire to release my creative energy a little more. I share with you a very personal artistic project called « World Wild War ». Photomontages accompanied by texts. My more polite relatives find it « segmenting », others more direct « rather completely crossed out ». I personally find it very entertaining to design and just for that I will continue ... My artistic inspirations are multiple. They are rooted in Dadaism, this movement from the beginning of the twentieth century which sought to achieve the greatest freedom of expression, using all possible materials and supports, in order to provoke the viewer and bring him to reflect on the foundations. of the society. To realize this adventure that is the « World Wild War », two artists particularly inspired me: Art Spiegelman and his fabulous comic strip « Maus », but also Cassius Marcellus Coolidge and his series of paintings of anthropomorphic dogs playing poker.

Here we go !

I will regularly post new tips or projects on this site. Comments areas will be opened on each post in order to give opinions or ask questions. To be informed of these novelties, nothing could be simpler, just follow me on Instagram or on Twitter. To contact me, same or directly on my address See you soon !


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