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Sleeping with Jaguars at the “Parrot World” animal park.

Jaguar au Parret World

For a long time, with the youngest of my daughters, we cherished the dream of sleeping with felines. I personally cultivate a passion for photography - you already know that - I also take great pleasure in immersing myself in nature to photograph animals, but I also like to contemplate them in animal parks, when they are treated there in excellent conditions. In this month of February, I start looking for a night with felines on the internet for the February holidays. Obviously, much too late, as the demand is strong for these magnificent parks which offer this type of stay in many regions of France. By dint of looking, I come across an animal park that I had not yet visited: Parrot World, a park dedicated to South American fauna, which is a bit different from all the very generalist parks that I know. And, incredibly lucky, it is located in France, in Seine-et-Marne, in Crécy-La-Chapelle, and there remains a lodge for one night with jaguars. Awesome ! Let's go !

Jaguars in Parrot World

For a very competitive price compared to other parks that offer the same possibility (I didn't say it wasn't expensive, but immersion is at this price), our ticket includes a visit to the parkover two days, the night with the jaguars in a superb, very comfortable lodge with a very Brazilian style, a dinner in the excellent restaurant which adjoins the golf course which is part of the same estate, an equally succulent breakfast, and, icing onthe cake, an exclusive visit with a trainer the next morning before the park opens to the public.And many other surprises... Too great!

Jaguars in Parrot World

After visiting the park, we look forward, with my daughter, to joining our lodge at 4 p.m. with a view of the jaguars.Luckily, we unknowingly opted for our jaguar couple's favorite lodge (the one closest to the park's outer fence, don't tell anyone).Very quickly, they visit us and we can admire them.

Jaguar in Parrot World

Relaxed, far from the public of the park, they offer us their daily life, made up of games, hunting simulations, sometimes tumultuous and affectionate relationships, and... naps.

Jaguar in Parrot World

We will thus be able to observe them from the end of the afternoon until nightfall, but especially in the morning, at dawn.A single, very thick window separates us from them, it's both distressing and reassuring, but above all immersive.We slept like babies, rocked by their soft purrs.

Jaguar in Parrot World

On the photo equipment side, obviously, you have to get out the heavy artillery here to take beautiful shots.So I opted for my usual companion, the Nikon D850, and its faithful sidekick for my wildlife outings, the Tampon SP 150-600mm Di VC USD G2 telephoto lens.The latter is not free from flaws, but I chose it both for its great optical stability with regard to the level of definition of my Nikon, which is, in this respect, a racing car, but also becauseI don't want to and can't put €10,000 into equipment of this type, for a gain that only very great professionals in animal reporting or sports photography will be able to exploit.

giant Brazilian otter in Parrot World

I loved the jaguars, but I must admit that I had a real crush on the otters of Brazil.But be careful, a caretaker made me understand that it is a very aggressive animal, opportunistic and which devours everything it can.

giant Brazilian otter in Parrot World

Moreover, we realize their less sympathetic side when they start shouting to claim food, they then let their pretty little teeth show.

Green-winged macaw parrot at Parrot World

Yes, parrots! Above all, Parrot World is a paradise for these friendly, very intelligent birds that roam freely in one of the largest aviaries in France. The animal park was also built for them at first. I was taking photos of the birds in the park at the end of the day when a stranger approached me, I quickly realized that I had the incredible chance to speak to the founder of this superb place: Eric Vignot. What a pleasure to discuss with him his lifelong passion for parrots and for animals in general, and above all what an incredible entrepreneurial challenge to embark on such an adventure after having met with such great success in the pharmaceutical industry! Eric took the time to explain to my daughter and I the way he designed his park and his philosophy (to simultaneously benefit animals and human beings in the same place), but also to show us around places that the public cannot see. In short, another immersion in this already very immersive stay. Thanks Eric!

Buffon's macaw parrot at Parrot World
Yellow-shouldered Amazon parrot at Parrot World

I don't think I've ever seen such a variety of parrot species anywhere.

Cuban Amazon Parrot at Parrot World

During my life I have visited many animal parks in many countries, and I have never observed such serenity in so many animals: I would even dare to say that I have felt them happy, even if Iknow that they would probably be more so in total freedom.Nevertheless, Eric Vignot and the keepers have explained it to me well, the animals that live here were sometimes recovered from individuals who did not know how to take care of them or are often in the process of disappearing very quickly: a real organization of cooperation betweenthe various animal parks in Europe has been set up to contribute to their preservation and reproduction in captivity, so that we can still meet them in the years to come.Our world is thus made for many animals: to live free or to survive...

Blue macaw parrot at Parrot World

The species mix constantly in order to ensure their constant occupation, it is a priori good for their mental health.

Blue macaw parrot at Parrot World

Obviously it's not just parrots, birds of all species and subspecies are the kings here: ibis, flamingos, spoonbills, herons, night herons, ducks, penguins, kamichis, teal...

Black-faced ibis at Parrot World

Colorful Teal at Parrot World

Chilean flamingo and Caribbean flamingo at Parrot World

Humboldt penguin at Parrot World

And what a pleasure to be able to photograph them in postures worthy of ballerinas in full aerial ballet.

Scarlet ibis at Parrot World

Black-crowned night heron at Parrot World

cattle egret at Parrot World

And the highlight of the show: this majestic turkey vulture who agrees to offer me a magnificent parade, all wings spread, in the early morning.

turkey vulture at Parrot World

The day after this night with the jaguars, we were therefore able to benefit from a short private tour of the park, before it opened to the public, accompanied by a trainer, who explained his job to us and taught us many secrets of thelife of the animals in this animal park, decidedly very different from the others.

red coati at Parrot World

This was an opportunity to quietly observe these little red coatis move about as a family and to rediscover a deserted and calm park from another angle of view.

In short, an experience that I recommend, sleeping with the jaguars or not.Besides, many lodges exist with other options to observe other animals.Eric Vignot and his team also have many plans to extend and develop educational activities for the future of this park, which is really worth a visit.So, have a good future stay!

“Photography is hunting, it's the hunting instinct without the desire to kill.It's the hunt for angels.We track, we aim, we shoot, and clack instead of a death we make an eternal ". Chris Marker


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